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Referrals for the MS Workouts Membership

Thank you for helping us spread the word of the benefits that strength training has for individuals living with MS.  We created a simple referral program that rewards you with free months added to your membership, free CLX Therabands, free personalized T-Shirts, and other items as our way of saying THANK YOU!

Getting a friend to join MS Workouts or introducing MS Workouts to your doctor and PT

The best way to let others know the benefits of strength training is by giving them YOUR testimonial regarding YOUR time at MS Workouts and the results YOU'VE gained thus far.  The benefits of exercising weekly with MS Workouts is simple.  What does progressively adding muscular strength do for you?  The science is established:  Less fatigue, more mobility, more balance, more coordination, less foot drop, stronger core, stronger grip, fat loss, higher metabolism, more injury resistance, more endurance, better sleep, less likely to fall, increased walking distance, better mood, more confidence, and a whole lot of empowerment.

Although MS Workouts was originally designed around patients living with Multiple Sclerosis, there are many health conditions that impose similar effects to one's functional abilities.  We have dozens of members who take full advantage of our Steady-pace® exercise program who have health conditions such as:  Parkinson's, Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, COPD, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Heart Disease, and surgical recovery.


If your friend or doctor and PT want to learn more about MS Workouts, you can send them the following resources:

MS Workouts Website --

MS Workouts Youtube Channel --

The Free 7-Day Strength Camp --

MS Workouts Brochures - Let us know if you would like us to send you brochures so you can pass them along

So how does this work?

1).  When your referral (friend) is ready to sign up for the MS Workouts membership.  Tell them to go to and click Join Now.  They can choose whichever membership plan they'd like (1-month, 3-month, or 12-month).

2).  Make sure to tell them to enter YOUR name on the checkout page.  On the checkout page, there will be a user field that says "Did someone refer you to MS Workouts?".  Tell your referral to enter in YOUR full name in that user field so we can know from our end that you referred them.

3).  After your referral has joined.  We will send you a confirmation message, letting you know that your referral has signed up.  From there, we will add them to your specific list of members you've referred which we keep on file.  In the confirmation message, we'll include the summary of how many people you've referred so far and where you're at in the Achievement System.

4).  Choose your rewards!  Reply to the confirmation message letting us know whether you want us to send you a free CLX-Multi-Loop Theraband (your choice of resistance level), or instead, you could get 30 free days of access added to your subscription plan (extending your next charge date by 30 days).

Achievement System

With each new member you bring, you will get to choose between 1 month free added to your subscription, or a CLX Multi-Loop Theraband of your choosing.

Over time, as the number of members you've brought in adds up, you get bonus prizes!

EACH Member Referral . . . 1 free month added to your subscription (OR) 1 CLX Multi-Loop Theraband of your choosing. 

Reaching 5 Member Referrals . . . FREE Customized MS Workouts T-Shirt.  Also, you get to choose between 2 free months added to your subscription (OR) 2 CLX Multi-Loop Therabands of your choosing. 

Reaching 10 Member Referrals . . . FREE MS Workouts Hat.  Also, you get to choose between 2 free months added to your subscription (OR) 2 CLX Multi-Loop Therabands of your choosing.

Reaching 15 Member Referrals . . . FREE MS Workouts Super Water Bottle.  Also, you get to choose between 2 free months added to your subscription (OR) 2 CLX Multi-Loop Therabands of your choosing.  

If you do not live in the United States, there will be a $15.00 international shipping fee for us to send you a theraband, t-shirt, hat and/or water bottle.

If you have any questions contact us at

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