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Strength Camp Day 5 Description:


- Recap


- Fundamentals

- Example Recipes

- Meal-type Scheduling


- Foot Drop Exercises

- Elizabeth & Jeff Behind the Scenes

Strength Camp

Action Guide

Progress Sheet



Bringing Exercise to Homes Across the World

Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis

MS Workouts is an online strength training program for individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis.  The Steady-Pace® technique is a slow-motion exercise method that is safe on the joints and delivers a powerful neuromuscular engagement because the movements are 100% muscle-led, there is no momentum involved.

The on-demand platform provides a safe and effective strength training routine that can be done from the comfort of one's home.  During the workouts, you will be guided by our instructors and graphics which will help motivate you to challenge yourself, while staying measured and maintaining proper form.

Our mission is to increase the muscular strength of our users -- which may help alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, atrophy, pain, poor mobility, poor balance, and poor coordination.

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