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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe?

Click HERE to subscribe. A subscription requires your name, address, and a credit card number.

Should I ask my doctor before performing these exercises?

Yes. We recommend that you consult with your practitioner before starting any new exercise program.

Can exercise cure my MS?

No. Currently there is no cure for MS. But research suggests that strength training can provide much relief to many of the symptoms associated with MS.

Will my MS symptoms improve after these workouts?

Certain MS symptoms like fatigue, immobility, poor balance & coordination, and muscular atrophy can be improved by effective exercise. Although most of your symptoms will never be totally gone, effective exercise can greatly impact the debilitating effects they have on you because your body will have greater strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. There are certain symptoms related to MS that cannot be affected by exercise, and that’s why it’s important to consult your medical practitioner so that you can have a comprehensive strategy to fight MS.

Can I customize my workouts?

Not yet. We are currently building a feature whereby our professional MS team will build your exercise routine for you. For more information click here.

Can I perform the workouts if I am in an wheelchair?

Yes. MS Workouts offers an entire wheelchair series that focuses on upper body and core strengthening. To try out a free wheelchair exercise, click here.

How do I know if I can perform all of the exercises?

We have designed each exercise with the entire spectrum of MS in mind. If there is a particular exercise that you cannot perform, then don't force yourself to perform it. You can watch a form video to help you better understand the exercise, or you can speak with an instructor about how to modify an exercise by contacting We encourage everyone to try and challenge themselves during exercise, but always stop whenever you feel any pain that is not affiliated with the "burn" from the targeted muscles being exercised.

Are these exercises safe for me?

Yes. Our unique Steady-Pace® technique is a slow-motion low-impact technique that's designed to keep your body and joints safe. During our exercises, we give constant guidance about form and safety. If you ever feel overwhelming body fatigue, or overheating during an exercise then you should stop and rest until it dissipates. We recommend that you have your thermostat down to 65 degrees F, a fan blowing on you, and a water bottle nearby at all times during your exercise. If you feel unsafe while exercising then please schedule your workout sessions with a family member or friend that can be with you while you exercise -- in case of an emergency. Make sure to consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Is it safe for me to exercise at my house without supervision?

This question is really a question that you need to ask your physician, because it will be different on a case by case basis. We have designed each of the exercises with safety as our main concern. However, it is important that you take responsibility for your own safety and well-being. If you feel unsafe performing an exercise alone, then don't perform it unless you are in the company of another person -- in case of an emergency. And don't forget you can always reach out to our team for questions at

How often should I exercise?

We recommend to perform our strength-training sessions 2-3 times a week, depending on how your body is feeling. Make sure to have at least 1 day of rest between workout sessions. Your body needs time to recover. The best results come from having healthy rest days comprised of a whole food meal plan (0.8g of protein per pound of body weight), at least 8 hours of sleep, and stretching (or low intensity exercise) to deliver nutrients to the muscles.

How difficult are the exercises?

Since MS Workouts is a progressive exercise system, the difficulty is entirely chosen by you! If you're feeling energetic and want a challenging exercise, then add more weight or resistance to your movements. On those days that you're feeling more lethargic then peform the exercises with a low-resistance or no resistance at all. Movement is not the same thing as exercise, but anything is better than nothing.

How long are the exercises?

Each exercise is only 90 seconds long. The workout classes are arranged with 6-10 workouts with explanations and rest periods interlaced to create sessions that last between 20-30 minutes. We recommend to execute these sessions 2-3x a week, with at least one day of rest in between.

Will there be a trainer watching me?

No. There will not be a trainer watching you in realtime while you are exercising from home. This is an option that we may provide in the future for those seeking that level of care.

What equipment do I need to perform the workouts?

You will need a CLX Theraband, a MS Workouts progress journal, a nearby chair (for standing exercises), and carabiners (for wheelchair exercises). If you're interested they can be purchased at our webstore. In our subscription, we include for free a yellow CLX theraband, progress journal, click pen, and carabiners.

How do I purchase an exercise band?

Step 1: Click HERE to go to the webstore. Step 2: Click on the exercise band you want. They are in order from heaviest to lightest resistance and are separated by wheelchair and standing series. Step 3: Click Purchase. Step 4: Enter your information. Step 5: Wait to receive your equipment in the mail.

How do I know which exercise band to use?

Our graphic system makes it easy for you to know exactly which exercise band to use. The objective of each exercise is to reach the "Exhaust Range" (the last 30 seconds). If you cannot reach the last 30 seconds then your band is too heavy, and you need to downgrade your resistance. If you go past the Exhaust Range (the end of the exercise) without fully exhausting the targeted muscles then your band is too light, and it's time to upgrade to a heavier resistance band. If you find full exhaustion WITHIN the Exhaust Range, then your band is perfectly dialed in. Push yourself a little further each time, and record your progress. We recommend everyone start with a yellow Range of Motion band and then move up as you become more familiar with the exercise and your body's capability.

Why is there a big timer on the right side of the exercise?

The Steady-Pace® timer sits on the right side of each exercise to help guide you through each movement in a safe and effective manner. The timer allows for you to count down each rep or hold. The progress bar lets you see how far along in the exercise you are. The clock keeps track of time during the exercise (this is the time you'll record in your progress journal). The Exhaust Range is the last 30 seconds (indicates your resistance band level). And the title bar tells you the name of the exercise and the type of movement.

I just signed up! Where do I start?

We recommend you first click on the "Getting Started" tab from the homepage. 1). Watch the welcome video. 2). Watch the How-To videos. 3). Perform either the full body exercise class, or the wheelchair class 2-3 times a week. 4). Record your results in your progress journal. 5). Supplement your regular exercise class with symptom-specific exercises. 6). Share your successes and challenges with our online community!

Do you have any tips to help me practice exercise consistently?

Consistency is the most important factor for gaining strength and managing your symptoms. Since it's easy to have bad days with MS we've designed this program to require a minimum amount of your time. One important tip: remember why you're exercising and why it's going to help improve your life and those around you. Let your goals be the strength that drives your effort.