Therapeutic Yoga for MS

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Yoga Mats

All yoga is therapeutic in a sense, but when we use the term "therapeutic yoga" we are describing yoga that focuses on giving relief in the context of a health challenge.  It means performing poses and movements that keep one's functional challenges in mind, as well as focusing on specific symptoms.

Our yoga sessions are slow, calming, reduce tension, and deepen body awareness just like other forms of yoga, but it is especially tailored around MS symptoms and your current level of mobility.

Michelle Silva, your yoga instructor, has conducted yoga for folks living with MS for over a decade, and is well-versed in creating a routine that works well with MS.  This is yoga that is focused on you and your needs.

She performs two sessions every Tuesday.  One of them is a "standing session" where the poses may be performed on the floor or while standing.  The other one is a "chair session", where all poses are completely performed from a seated position.  This allows her to accommodate the entire spectrum of MS with her therapeutic yoga.  No matter what your strength & mobility level is, you will absolutely come away from your session feeling refreshed and looking forward to the next one!