Keep yourself accountable

with Email & Text Reminders!

Having a difficult time staying consistent with your Steady-Pace exercise classes? 

Now you can make an appointment with yourself to receive text messages and email reminders about when it is time to perform your class! 

Click on your timezone below to schedule your appointment.



How to Schedule An Appointment

  1.  Select the button that corresponds to the timezone you are in. 

  2.  Choose the days and time you want to schedule your exercises for the week.

  3.  You will then receive a confirmation email for your exercise appointment.

  4.  You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment and a text message 30-Minutes before your session. 

  5. We encourage you to start each week by scheduling 2-3 appointments or you can setup recurring appointments so you won't need to schedule each week!

Make an Appointment!

Strength training classes  

Standing Class | Wheelchair & Seated Class

Receiving email & text message reminders is a great way to keep yourself motivated and accountable. We encourage all members to start the week by making at least two appointments to exercise. This will help make Strength Training a habit - just like brushing your teeth! To receive email & text reminders, simply click on the link below that corresponds to your time zone. 


"Get into a routine...PLAN! It helps IMMENSELY!!"

Results Come From Consistency



"Even though I have been doing msworkouts for a LONG time and I struggled to motivate myself to workout today (it's dull, rainy here and is a holiday), BUT it is MONDAY and that means workout day for me. No excuses - Jeff is waiting for you!! (my 4 year old daughter still thinks Jeff is live on my TV ).  


"Stay strong and focused MS workouts warriors!"

Weekly Exercise Plan

Every Sunday you will receive brand new full-body exercise & stretch sessions designed to increase your mobility, improve foot drop & reduce fatigue

Progress Journal Tool

The exclusive Online Progress Journal allows you to measure your results for each exercise and compare them to previous ones

Live Group Consultations

Every Tuesday, your certified trainer, Jeff Gotte, M. ED, hosts a live group consultation where you can ask questions and learn new tips about the weekly workouts

Live Yoga Sessions

Join your fellow members performing live weekly therapeutic yoga sessions.  We offer two classes: gentle & chair yoga.

"helped me stay upright and mobile"

"MS Workouts has helped me stay upright and mobile by giving me the tools and the ability to strengthen my muscles through the slow pace strength training video exercises they provide.  Thank you guys for being there for us all."



"THIS WORKS, 100%"

"I can't emphasize enough that this will work for you.  I'm 37 years old and I also had a stroke AND THIS WORKS, 100%.  I'm just out of therapy, and this is a great replacement to add into your routine."




"staff is stellar and super responsive"

"Finding MS Workouts was a godsend.  Their knowledgeable, companionate staff allowed me to remain in my own home, conduct my session on my schedule, and pause as needed.  Your staff is stellar and super responsive to any questions I may have.  Love you guys!"



"My foot drop has improved"

Real people, real results



"Since following the program 2-3 times per week for 6 months my foot drop has improved to the point that I only wear my AFO for long-distance/tough terrain walking.  I'm stronger and have more endurance for activities like taking my grandsons to the park.

"The Facebook Group is such a bonus.  Having MS can be isolating.  Having others 'there' to listen, relate and encourage is such a blessing."

Read more success stories...!



We are a team of passionate physical therapists, personal trainers, nurses and videographers who have worked together to create the world's first at-home online exercise program developed exclusively for people living with MS who seek to strengthen their body to manage their symptoms. 

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