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You & Our Certified Exercise Physiologists

Now you can schedule a 40-Minute Zoom Consultation with a Steady-Pace Coach who can go over your particular issues, help you improve your form so you get the most out of each weekly exercise class, add exercises to target your symptoms and answer any questions you have about strength training and MS Workouts.

Requires an active Membership to MS Workouts

$49.95/per consultation

What is online personal coaching?

Although our Standing and Wheelchair/Seated Exercise Classes are designed to be performed safely and effectively at home, there are some members who want a little more personal guidance with their workout routine.

Due to the number of requests we have been receiving from many of our members, we have decided to create MS WORKOUTS PERSONAL COACHING.  Now, for an additional fee, you can book a one-on-one consultation with one of our certified exercise physiologists who will go over your particular issues, help you improve your performance on exercises that you are struggling with, add exercises to target your symptoms and answer your questions about Strength Training and MS Workouts.

Personal Coaching is only available for active members of MS Workouts.

How does it work?





Schedule a consultation, perform your fitness assessment and fill out our in-depth questionnaire

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Based on your fitness assessment & questionnaire, your coach can teach you how to modify certain exercises so you can perform your weekly classes more effectively.

In addition, they can add exercises to target your weakest areas, via a hidden button designed just for you




Perform your weekly exercise classes 2-3 times a week and record your results using the Online Progress Journal for your coach to review during a future consultation.

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Schedule as many, or as few, consultations as necessary for you to get the best results at MS Workouts! 

You can make a follow-up consultation with your coach so they can review your exercise results prior to your 40-minute consultation.


Meet your personal coach

Certified exercise physiologist



"My life's passion has been helping individuals achieve more strength and independence through strength training.  Since 2014, I have brought real results to hundreds of individuals at our studio location in Austin, TX.

I have worked with many individuals including those with heart disease, diabetes, hip replacements, and Multiple Sclerosis.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and creating a tailored experience that will help you perform your workouts as effectively as possible."

Book Consultation With Colton

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40-min Zoom Consultation

Schedule your online Zoom consultation with your trainer where they can get to know you, your fitness goals, and your symptoms.  They will also send you an email with a summary of your conversation

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Modified Exercise Routine

After your consultation, your coach will add exercises & stretches that you need (as per your conversation) to your Online Progress Journal.  

MS Workouts  MS Workouts - Full-Body Exe

Progress Journal Analysis

Perform your exercise class 2-3 times a week and enter your results into the Online Progress Journal.  Your results will automatically be shared with your trainer for them to analyze for your future consultations. 

MS Workouts.jpeg

"Gained muscle & lost body-fat"

She worked with our coach

Girl Power



"Working with a personal trainer through MS Workouts has been a game-changer! I have MS and have worked with physical therapists and trainers before, but no one has and continues to make such a difference for me as they have.  MS Workouts is based on science - what really works.

"The trainer's technique of exhausting a muscle for 1.5 minutes and adding progressive difficulty over time has allowed me to grow stronger and do more.  Since I have worked with him, I have gained muscle mass and lost body fat.  I am strong in my walking and closer to my goal of walking without an assistive device.

"I highly recommend this to everyone.  No matter what their level of functioning!"

  • How do I subscribe?
    Click on this link and provide your information:
  • Should I ask my doctor before performing these exercises?
    Yes. We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.
  • Can I get rid of my MS by exercising?
    No. Currently there is no cure for MS. But research does suggest that strength training can provide relief to many of your symptoms.
  • Will my MS symptoms improve after these workouts?
    MS is not a curable disease, yet. But everyone should exercise for a healthier life, and research does support added benefits to MS symptoms after exercising.
  • Can I customize my workouts?
    Not yet. We are currently working on making individual workouts available to you, as well as the ability to create and customize your own playlists.
  • Can I perform the workouts if I am in a wheelchair?
    Yes. We have an entire wheelchair series that focuses on upper body and core strengthening.
  • Can I execute all of the workouts?
    Yes. If there is a particular exercise that you cannot perform, then don't force yourself to perform it. We encourage everyone to try and challenge themselves, but don't force yourself into an unsafe or painful zone.
  • Are the exercises safe for me?
    Yes. They are low-impact and high-intensity exercises that keep your body and joints safe. But we still recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.
  • Is this safe to do at my house alone?
    Yes, but we encourage you to take responsibility for your own safety in this regard. Discuss this with your doctor first.
  • How long are the exercise sessions?
    Each exercise session is 20-30 minutes long. There are generally 6-10 different exercises in each session, with rest periods in between.
  • How often should I exercise?
    We recommend you execute our videos two to threee times a week depending on how your body is feeling.
  • Are the exercises really hard?
    The exercises will range in difficulty based on your strength or weakness in areas of your body. For example, you may have atrophy in your calves, so calf raises might be very difficult to perform in the beginning. However, performing a bicep curl may be easier if your arms are stronger than your calves. Our exercises are designed to give you flexibility in difficulty. If you feel like challenging yourself to the max, then use a heavier band. If you want to take it easy and just get some exercise in, then use a band with less resistance.
  • Will there be a trainer watching me?
    No. There will not be a trainer able to watch you while you are exercising from home. This is an option that we may provide in the future.
  • What equipment do I need to perform the workout videos?
    You will need a CLX Theraband, which you can purchase at our webstore: One Free Yellow Theraband will be provided for free when you subscribe.
  • How do I purchase an exercise band?
    Step 1: Click on Step 2: Click on the exercise band you want. They are in order from heaviest to lightest resistance and are separated by wheelchair and standing series. Step 3: Click Purchase. Step 4: Enter your information. Step 5: Wait to receive your equipment in the mail.
  • When do I need to upgrade my exercise bands?
    You will need to upgrade your exercise bands whenever you get stronger and the exercises aren't challenging you. You should be able to exercise until the last 30 seconds of each set which is what we call the "exhaust range." If you cannot reach the very end of the exhaust range then you don't need to progress to a stronger band yet. If you can reach past the exhaust range then you should upgrade to a higher resistance band.
  • What is the Steady-Pace Technique?
    The Steady-Pace Technique is a unique way of exercising based on the principals of slow-motion strength training. It was developed by Practical Fitness Studios in Austin, TX and has been executed there thousands of times. Steady-Pace slows down your rep time thereby engaging your body and muscles at a much higher level than traditional methods.

Your coach is between you & your workout




Trainer - Colton.jpg




Your Coach Can Add Accurate Finishers, Improve your Form & Teach You Modifications


The only MS-specific exercise plan developed by

physical therapists & exercise physiologists


Jeff Gotte, M. Ed

Exercise Physiologist and Co-Founder of Practical Fitness Exercise Studios


Tina Warring, MPT Director - PT

Director of Physical Therapy at Central Texas Neurology Consultants


Lori Mayer, DNP, APRN, NP-C, MSN, RN, MSCN

MS Research Specialist


Starting is easy

$49.95/per consultation

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