Strength Training  

for Multiple Sclerosis

MS Workouts uses a slow-motion science-based exercise method that is safe on the joints and delivers a powerful neuromuscular engagement because the movements are 100% muscle-led; there is no momentum involved.


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Our team at MS Workouts has decades of experience empowering MSers and helping them alleviate symptoms like balance, fatigue, foot drop, spasticity, weakness, and so much more.  Find out why thousands of people are choosing MS Workouts to combat MS.

David Lyons, Senior Fitness Director

Diagnosed in 2006


Joined in February 2019

"MS Workouts has helped me stay upright and mobile by giving me the tools and the ability to strengthen my muscles through the slow pace strength training video exercises they provide.  The easy-to-follow foot drop videos have done wonders for me.  The MS Workouts personnel have helped immensely with staying motivated and being there if I have questions.  Thank you guys for being there for us all."


Joined in July 2018

"I can't emphasize enough that this will work for you.  I'm 37 years old and I also had a stroke AND THIS WORKS, 100%.  I'm just out of therapy, and this is a great replacement to add in your routine.  I know this is for MS patients, but I have to tell you that stroke survivors (in conjunction with your therapist) can and should do this once you are cleared by your therapist/doctor."


Joined in March 2019

"When I was first diagnosed with MS, my neurologist recommended I start a regime of physical therapy.  However we found that it was difficult to find a therapist that had any training in the unique demands of this disease.  Finding MS Workouts was a godsend.  Their knowledgeable, companionate staff allowed me to remain in my own home, conduct my sessions on my schedule, and pause as needed.  The site is very well organized allowing me to focus on areas that my neurologist felt are important to me - such as hip flexors for stability.  Your staff is stellar and super responsive to any questions I may have.  Love you guys!"

Why Strength Training?

When properly performed, strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.  We specialize in a unique method of training called Steady-Pace®.  It is a slow-motion technique which removes momentum from the movement, allowing for a higher neuromuscular engagement, while keeping your joints safe.


What strength training is doing for those living with MS is reversing atrophy directly (or indirectly) caused by functional inactivity in one's lifestyle due to symptoms/lesions.  Strength training won't fix lesions, but it can strengthen the muscles around (or affected by) the lesions which can allow for symptoms to have less of an effect upon the individual due to the increased muscular strength throughout the body.


- Increase Walking Distance

- Manage Foot Drop

- Turn & Transition Easier

- Less Likely To Fall

- Improve Sleep

- Less Fatigue

- Increase Bone Density

- Fat Loss

- More Mental Clarity

- Improve Joint Function

- Stronger Muscles

- Injury Resistance

- Better Coordination

- More Independence

- Improve Balance

- Better Mood

- More Confidence

- Increase Metabolism

- More Active

- Increase Cardiac Function

Members Get Instant Access to:



The weekly-updated full-body classes comprehensively improve the lower body, core, and upper body.

Increase Body Strength


Stretch daily so as to add flexibility, decrease spasticity, relieve pain, and increase blood flow to muscle tissue.  

Relieve Tightness


Increasing strength to the muscles that contribute to foot drop can allow you to lift the foot higher and for longer so you can walk more easily and safely.

Combat Foot Drop


The Mobility and Mobility (lite) Series strengthens your entire lower body allowing you to have better balance and coordination.

Improve Walking


The Weak Core I & II Series strengthens all of the muscles in your core allowing for greater stability in body functionality.

Strengthen Core


Add exercises to your workout routine to put extra attention toward your weakest areas.  Or build your own routine entirely.

Customize Your Routine


Don't limit your challenge - challenge your limits!  Our Challenges are 4-12 week exercise programs, often sculpted around specific symptoms.

Challenge Yourself

The goal of this group is to empower, motivate and support one another - so strength can be achieved TOGETHER.  



15% OFF

20% OFF



$29.95 /month


$89.85 /3months

$75.95 /3months


$359.40 /12months

$286.95 /12months

Save $13.90,

equivalent to $25.32/month


Save $72.45,

equivalent to $23.91/month

Subscriptions automatically renew after each payment cycle.  Cancel anytime. 

Members Receive:




Quickly input your exercise results

Visually track your progress for each exercise

Automatically know which band to use for each exercise

Share your results with your medical practitioner

Accessible from any device with an internet connection

Included with membership at no additional cost

Over the next seven days you will learn how to

strengthen your entire body, improve balance,

combat foot drop, and so much more.

Whether you use a wheelchair, walker, or stand unassisted, this Strength Camp has exercises for everyone.

This online program is 100% free. 

No credit card required.

How is MS Workouts going to help me walk better?

With strength training, the goal is to target the atrophied muscles around the lesions.  Poor mobility can be caused by weak hip flexors, quadriceps, posterior chain, and/or foot drop.  When you apply consistent and effort-led exercise to these muscle groups, you will prompt the body to increase muscular strength in them.  This leads to having more control over your lower body.   Strength training will not cure foot drop, but it can increase the capacity to lift the foot and flex the ankle which means you're not tripping as much (or at all).  Having a stronger lower body can mean you're not having to think as much (or at all) about every step you take, you can walk or stand more fluidly and fatigue less quickly.  You will have more functionality and control over your balance and coordination.

Where do I begin once I become a member?

After you've signed up, we will send your Starter Exercise Kit in the mail, as well as your login information for your Online Progress Journal.  To make getting started as guided as possible we have created the New Member Orientation.  It is 4-week exercise and education course that will allow you to start exercising immediately (even before your Starter Kit comes in the mail).  It teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know when it comes to strength training with MS and will get you ready for the programming and many features that MS Workouts has to offer.  The more you learn from this course the better you will be at maximizing your results during our weekly-updated exercise classes!

Do you have exercises for

those who use a wheelchair?

Yes!  MS Workouts meets you where you're currently at.  We have a weekly-updated exercise class that targets your entire body from a seated position.  If you are planning on exercising from your wheelchair, we will send you an extra theraband and carabiners so you can anchor the therabands through the wheels to create resistance.

I am scared that I won't be able to do any of these exercises.

Our program accommodates the entire spectrum of MS.  You will do fine as long as you show up to each session and bring your effort!  Strength training is always hardest and most daunting in the beginning, because you and your body are not used to it.  Don't trick yourself into thinking it's too much for you to handle.  We have helped tens of thousands of people obtain life-changing results.  Now it's your turn. 

How often and for how long should I exercise each week?

Since strength training is high-intensity, it means your sessions are short and you don't have to do it that often.  We recommend working out 2-3x a week, with at least one day of active-rest in between.  Each class is around 30 minutes long (with rest periods between each exercise).  We also encourage you to perform our static stretching routines after each class (you will enjoy that part).

Do you have exercises for

those who use a walker?

Yes! Some members who use a walker choose to use the Standing Exercise Class and other choose to use the Seated Exercise Class.  You can choose which one works best for your level of mobility and comfortability.

It's difficult for me to stay motivated towards exercise!

And you're not alone.  It takes work to make exercise a regular part of your routine, especially when just starting out.  We have several ways of helping you stay accountable toward exercise, including our friendly Members-Only Facebook community where you can workout alongside other members who are motivating, inspiring, and supporting each other.

Can I try this for free before I join the membership?

Join our 7-Day Strength Camp!  You can think of it as a free trial or introduction into MS Workouts.  In it are seven classes that will guide you through the process of getting results from strength training with MS, and afterwards you can keep the full-body exercise sequence and use it forever. 


Click Here to Start the Strength Camp Now

How much is a membership?

There are three different payment plans you can choose from. 


- The first plan is monthly ($29.95/month). 

- The second plan is quarterly and has a 15% discount applied, saving $13.90, ($75.95/3months). 

- The third plan is annual and has a 20% discount applied, saving $72.45, ($286.95/year). 


All plans automatically renew and you can cancel anytime.  Each plan gives access to the same classes, exercises, and equipment -- it is just a difference in payment method.

Getting started easy!  Once you join, send us your shipping address so we can send your Starter Kit!








Choose Your Plan

To use a discount code on the sign up page, click 'Have a coupon?' and type in the code. Then click Apply.  Make sure the price changes to the discounted price before submitting your order.


Joined in April 2018

"I joined MS Workouts after connecting with David Lyons (MS Workouts senior fitness director) and I haven't looked back :)  Through MS Workouts' expertise, I have strengthened and improved every muscle in my body - even those which neurologically fatigue faster than others!  I rarely have spastic or tight quadriceps.  I am walking better (my neurologist even noticed this!!) I am able to walk up and down stairs way better and my balance is much improved.


The team at MS Workouts is amazing!  They have helped me figure out which muscles I needed to strengthen and suggested exercises from the program to do.  Even though MS Workouts is done at home, questions are answered in detail and so quickly it is very personal and the distance between us evaporates.  The online members-only group is a fantastic, positive group that keeps you motivated."


Joined in June 2019

"Since having been diagnosed with MS 15 years ago, I've searched for an exercise program.  With MS Workouts, I feel my neuromuscular symptoms such as foot drop and asymmetric muscle weakness are understood by those designing the exercise program.


"Since following the program 2-3 times per week for 6 months my foot drop has improved to the point that I only wear my AFO for long distance/tough terrain walking.  I'm stronger and have more endurance for activities like taking my grandsons to the park.


"The team support I've received to answer questions has been amazing.  I've received suggestions on how to tweak exercise form based on my personal muscular weakness and struggles.  Additional exercises are always thoughtful and prompt.  It feels so good to be heard and understood and then have a plan of action to improve.

"The Facebook Group is such a bonus.  Having MS can be isolating.  Having others "there" to listen, relate, and encourage is such a blessing."

Meet Your Team

Jeff Gotte

Exercise Physiologist

M. Ed - BS Exercise Science


Tina Warring

MPT Director - PT

Central Texas Neurology


David Lyons

Senior Fitness Director &

Founder of MS Fitness


Lori Mayer

MS Research Specialist


With over 40+ years of combined experience, your team

has worked with thousands of individuals living with MS.

Don't have MS?

Strength training benefits other conditions too

MS Workouts is an excellent recovery tool not just for MS, but literally anyone and everyone, especially those who suffer from a chronic health issue.  Currently there are several non-MS subscribers taking full advantage of the exercise program, who have illnesses such as: 


Parkinson's, Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, and COPD.

DAVID LYONS: How do I know that MS Workouts is the  best for MS? 

As someone who lives with MS and as a person who has helped thousands of MSers through strength training, I am extremely excited to bring this amazing online exercise service to the MS community.

MS Workouts is an ONLINE strength training program designed for ALL spectrums of MS in ALL parts of the WORLD.

I understand how difficult it can be to exercise with MS which is why we've created a simple approach to exercising - an approach that uses minimal equipment and requires a very small time commitment to get results.  With MS Workouts, you have the power of my training experience in your hands.

15% OFF

20% OFF



$29.95 /month


$89.85 /3months

$75.95 /3months


$359.40 /12months

$286.95 /12months


Save $13.90,

equivalent to $25.32/month

Save $72.45,

equivalent to $23.91/month

Subscriptions automatically renew after each payment cycle.  Cancel anytime. 



We are a team of passionate physical therapists, personal trainers, nurses and videographers who have worked together to create the world's first at-home online strength training program developed exclusively for people living with MS who seek to strengthen their body to manage their symptoms. 

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