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Free Workouts

- Each workout is a part of a particular exercise series. 

- These free workouts do not require any exercise equipment.

- Keep your thermostat down, a fan pointed at you, and a water bottle nearby. 

- We encourage you to take responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

- Consult with your practitioner before starting any new exercise program. 

- Contact if you have any questions.


Standing Class Demo

Our metabolic Crunch targets our "six pack" the rectus abdominals in an isometric and concentric manner (two forms of muscle contraction).  This exercise will firm and strengthen your core, which will allow for more stability, less falling and make turning easier.

Trunk Circles

Wheelchair Class Demo

Trunk Circles are especially good for targeting your obliques and activating your entire abdominal region.  This is a slow motion micro movement that really hones in on conditioning core stability, which allows for transitioning in and out of your car, chair, and bed more easily.

Ankle Flexion

Foot Drop Series Demo 

Ankle flexion will isolate the Anterior Tibialus (lateral side of the leg) and the top of the foot.  Performing this exercise on a regular basis will strengthen the muscles affected by foot drop so that you can more easily bring your toes off the ground to keep you from tripping while walking.

Plank Swim

Mobility Series Demo

Plank Swim will isolate the arms and back of the legs.  It is great for back and glute health and stability as well.  This exercise incorporates a lot of muscles, so take what you can.  If you have to disengage early in the set, just take a deep breath, shake it out, and then re-engage the muscles for the length of the set. 

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