Learn How to Measure Your Progress

In this video we will show you how to effectively use your Progress Journal to measure your results. 

Please consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.

We recommend exercising in lower temperatures, with a fan always on you, and water nearby.


Progress Journal Tutorial

3:29 min

"We want to make sure you are getting results and the way that we do that is by being measured and journaling."

OR . . . Step It Up With The Exclusive Online Progress Journal

 Included In MS Workouts Membership

The Online Progress Journal is only available

for members of MS Workouts. Members receive

access into the online journal at no additional cost. 

A Perfect Companion To Your MS Workouts 

Strength-Training Exercises

  • Easily Input Your Exercise Results

  • Know Which Bands to Use During Each Exercise

  • Tells You What Goals to Set While Exercising

  • Have a Complete History of All Your Results

  • Makes Exercising With Progression Easy

  • Use Online Journal From Any Device With Internet Connection

Easy-to-Navigate Interface

The MS Online Progress Journal organizes all of your MS Workouts exercises through an easy-to-navigate interface. Just scroll through the organized lists of exercises to find the one you're about to perform!

Know Exactly Which Band to Use

Based on your previous exercise entries - the online journal suggests what band to use and what time you should aim for when you perform an exercise.

Easily Measure Your Progress

View each entry you've made on any given exercise, even if it's from 3 years ago.

Visualize Your Results

With a graph feature for each exercise, you can visually see your progress for each exercise and with each band. You'll know where you started and how far you've gotten. 

Receive Much More Guidance

Pairing your MS Online Journal with the online exercise programs at MS Workouts gives you the most guided and effective exercise routine possible from the comfort of your home.

 Become a member today! 

Whether you're in a wheelchair or recently

diagnosed there is an exercise routine in our program

for you. 


  • Access to 100+ Exercises & More Every Week

  • A Free Beginner's CLX Multi-Loop Theraband

  • Free Access Into MS Online Progress Journal

  • New Standing Workout Classes Every Monday

  • New Wheelchair Workout Classes Every Monday

  • Direct Access to Instructors for Questions

  • Healthy Recipes Designed for Building Strength

  • Symptom-Specific Courses (Foot Drop, Weak Grip, Mobility

  • Guided Full-Body Stretch Routines

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