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ONLINE Strength Training for Multiple Sclerosis


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MS Workouts is an online strength training program for individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis.  The Steady-Pace® technique is a slow-motion exercise method that is safe on the joints and delivers a powerful neuromuscular engagement because the movements are 100% muscle-led, there is no momentum involved.

The on-demand platform provides a safe and effective strength training routine that can be done from the comfort of one's home.  During the workouts, you will be guided by our instructors and graphics which will help motivate you to challenge yourself, while staying measured and maintaining proper form.

Our mission is to increase the muscular strength of our users -- which may help alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, atrophy, pain, poor mobility, poor balance, and poor coordination.

MS Foundation Offers the Following DISCOUNTS to MS Workouts:


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$29.95 /month

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$89.85 /3months

$62.90 /3months


$359.40 /12months

$215.64 /12months

Save $2.99

Save $26.95

Save $143.76

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Need Financial Support?

The MS Foundation Can Help

Qualifying applicants will receive an annual membership to MS Workouts at no cost.


About MS Foundation & MS Workouts Partnership

"quote" - Daryl, title.

What Comes with a Membership?

Free Beginner's Yellow CLX Multi-Loop Theraband 

Members receive a theraband when they sign up.  This way you can jump right into strength training.  You can slide your hands and feet through the loops, incase your grip is impeded.  If you're in a wheelchair we also include carabiners that lets you hook the bands to your wheels.

Online Progress Journal 

To make measuring your exercise progress as easy and effective as possible, we've created the MS Workouts Online Progress Journal.  Now, members can easily enter in what results they are achieving when they exercise.  The journal will let you know which exercise band you should be using for each exercise as well as what goals you should be setting when you perform the exercise next time.  The journal charts and graphs the results for the 100+ exercises within the membership program.  This journal is included in your membership at no extra cost and all information inputed into the app is private.


Standing Exercise Class 

This weekly-updated exercise class targets your entire body.  It will improve your strength, balance, coordination, and so much more.  Perform this class 2-3x a week if you already stand most of the time with casual assistance.

Wheelchair & Seated Exercise Class 

This weekly-updated exercise class targets your upper body, core and lower body.  It will improve your stamina, balance, and range of motion.  This class is perfect if you use a wheelchair or walker most of the time.

Symptom-Specific Exercise Series 

Since every individual has specific symptoms, we've developed several exercise classes that target particular symptoms on an individual basis.  Some classes are:  Foot Drop, Grip Strength, Weak Core, Pelvic Tilt, etc.

Personalized Exercise Routines 

Customize your own routine to create an exercise plan that works for your particular situation.  Choose from our entire database of exercises and stretches, and use your own routine during your weekly exercise sessions.

Stretching Collection 

Get ready to reduce your spasticity, decrease tightness, increase flexibility, and blow flow throughout your entire body.  Stretching is often a great way to reduce pain that you're experiencing around your joints and muscles.

Form Videos 

Not sure if you're performing an exercise correctly?  We'll break down the movement so that you know how to perform the exercises safely and effectively.  

Healthy Recipes 

View our healthy recipes to inspire your creativity in the kitchen.  Whole food, nutrient-dense recipes are the focus of our recipe series.

How-To Videos 

These tutorials will outline the basics & intricacies of theraband progression, graphics, website, and much more.  Use these resources to re-familiarize yourself with the different aspects of the program from time to time.

Customer Support & Access to Instructors for Questions 

Our team is available every day to help answer your questions.  Not sure if you're performing an exercise correctly?  Confused about the website?  Let us know and we'll help get you dialed in.

Foot Drop Exercise Class

Membership Required*


Raymond - "After 2 days, I am noticing an improvement in my gait."

Foot drop, is the inability to lift the front part of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the lower limb.  Consequently, individuals living with foot drop have to lift their entire lower limb higher in order to avoid dragging and scuffing their feet on their ground.  In some instances, foot drop can affect one foot or both feet.  There are several conditions that cause foot drop, but it is a common symptom of neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy.

The Foot Drop Exercise Class is the perfect place for you to combat foot drop.  In the class we've hybridized the Steady-Pace® technique with exercises designed by Tina Warring, Director of Physical Therapy at the Central Texas Neurology Consultants.  This class will effectively strengthen the muscles around your foot and ankle, improving joint control and gait.  The results for many of our clients has been astounding.  We've seen improvements in gait in just a few days and overall increase in control of the dropping of the foot.

To sum it all up, our members are falling less, walking with more confidence, and are actively building more strength around their foot to keep it from dropping.

Classes for Improving Mobility & Balance

Membership Required*

The Mobility Exercise Class was created to keep you on your feet, independent and moving.  This class has several exercises that work on strengthening the muscles in your lower body.  By having stronger calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, spinae erectors, and core, -- you will be able to walk longer with better stability and balance, because you'll have higher capacity for control.

The Mobility (Lite) Exercise Class was developed as an entry point for those who who spend most of their time in a wheelchair or walker.  Each exercise is performed from a seated position.  Every movement is designed to add strength to your lower body.  The ultimate goal of this class is to add enough strength and coordination, to which you can slowly move into the Mobility Exercise Class - to further improve your mobility.


Meet Your Team

Jeff Gotte

Exercise Physiologist

M. Ed - BS Exercise Science


Tina Warring

MPT Director - PT

Central Texas Neurology


David Lyons

Senior Fitness Director &

Founder of MS Fitness



Lori Mayer

Director of Medical Research - Central Texas Neurology Consultants

With over 40+ years of combined experience, your team

has worked with thousands of individuals living with MS.

Real People.

Real Results.

See what people are saying about MS Workouts:

Paula - Love your videos.  Thanks.  So excited an exercise plan for people w MS.

Fariha - Also want to thank you for the YouTube videos and much appreciation from Bangladesh :)

Heather - Your explanations are spot-on and the enthusiasm is absolutely contagious!  Not only do I have MS, but I have severe hyper flexibility in my knees and I am fighting every day to still be able to walk.  Thank you so much for all the information!

William - Excellent, very well done presentation.  Thank you.

Aleksander - Thank you so much guys greetings from Germany.

Pratik - Hello, this video is very helpful.  I am suffering from Foot drop.

Dale - OMG.  I have been doing this for the past few days, and my hips are feeling like they're brand new.  Such a simple fix.  Thank you so much.

Marion - Very good and you made it doable encouraging.  Looking forwards to the next session... tomorrow thank you.

KLA - You are the best thaaank you.

Joyce - Thank you, Jeff.  Are those Chuck Taylor's you're wearing?


Kimbers - Love ur videos.  So glad I found ur channel.

Vivien - Thank you for these motivational videos because doing exercise alone does not motivate me.

Elena - I love the way you explain things!  Sharing some of this with people I know who need it!

Parker - I don't have MS, but these exercises are insanely overlooked in normal workout programs.  Also I love the enthusiasm!

ADE - Loved watching this, will pick this up for tomorrow's and onward... :D Seems to be less exhausting then many.  Updated: having just your guided video to work with (no mirrors) I definitely felt this, my body tremors were very active, disengagement came easily, I am so excited to do it again in the morning and maybe disengage a little later next time! :D

Janice - Man, this is great!  THANK YOU for being there for those of us who want to be fit and as mobile as possible!

Nicole - Dude....your awesome!!  Great for a stroke victim some of his exercises seem good for me as well.

Quinta - So great exercises!  Thanks!  My right ankle is so weak, I can barely walk, thankfully I am still able to turn.  So last chance to workout.  Thank you!!!

Nancy - thank you so much  they really motivated me to start exercising again with my MS

John - So glad I found your channel.  Former dancer here with PPMS & atrophied muscles, esp calves.  Can't even stand up & down on tippy toes anymore.  Looking forward to rebuilding.  Thanks for showing us how.

Shakeem - This is the best thing ever!  Thank you, MS Workouts!!

Lenny - Thank you so much for the videos!  They really motivated me to start exercising again with my Ms.

Carlos - great exercises and stretches for people with MS!, thanks

Alleviate Symptoms & Gain Better Control of Your Body


- Increase walking distance

- Manage foot drop

- Turn & transition easier

- Less likely to fall


- Improve sleep

- Less fatigue

- Fat loss

- More mental clarity


- Stronger muscles

- Injury resistance

- Better coordination

- Increase balance


- Better mood

- More confidence

- More time with family

- More Independence

An Easy-To-Follow Exercise Routine





Choose Plan

Yellow CLX Multi-Loop

Theraband, Progress

Journal, and Pen.

A Subscription renews each payment cycle.  You can cancel payment anytime.



Each session is 20-30min long.  

Strength training is fast! 



Track your strength gains for each exercise.  Increase your resistance as you continue to get stronger.

MS Foundation Offers the Following DISCOUNTS to MS Workouts:


10% OFF

30% OFF

40% OFF



$29.95 /month

$26.96 /month


$89.85 /3months

$62.90 /3months


$359.40 /12months

$215.64 /12months

Save $2.99

Save $26.95

Save $143.76

Put in your email and we will immediately send you the COUPON CODE for the discounts:

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